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pay n : something that remunerates; "wages were paid by check"; "he wasted his pay on drink"; "they saved a quarter of all their earnings" [syn: wage, earnings, remuneration, salary]


1 give money, usually in exchange for goods or services; "I paid four dollars for this sandwich"; "Pay the waitress, please"
2 convey, as of a compliment, regards, attention, etc.; bestow; "Don't pay him any mind"; "give the orders"; "Give him my best regards"; "pay attention" [syn: give]
3 do or give something to somebody in return; "Does she pay you for the work you are doing?" [syn: pay off, make up, compensate]
4 bear (a cost or penalty), in recompense for some action; "You'll pay for this!"; "She had to pay the penalty for speaking out rashly"; "You'll pay for this opinion later"
5 cancel or discharge a debt; "pay up, please!" [syn: pay up, ante up] [ant: default]
6 bring in; "interest-bearing accounts"; "How much does this savings certificate pay annually?" [syn: yield, bear]
7 render; "pay a visit"; "pay a call"
8 be worth it; "It pays to go through the trouble"
9 dedicate; "give thought to"; "give priority to"; "pay attention to" [syn: give, devote]
10 discharge or settle; "pay a debt"; "pay an obligation"
11 make a compensation for; "a favor that cannot be paid back" [also: paid]

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  • , /peɪ/, /peI/
  • Rhymes with: -eɪ


  1. To give money in exchange for goods or services.
  2. To be profitable.
    Crime doesn’t pay
  3. In the context of "figurative": To give (something else than money).
    To pay attention


to give money in exchange for goods or services
to be profitable
to give
  • German: schenken, gebühren
  • Portuguese: prestar
  • Russian: уделять , уделить
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money given in return for work
  • Danish: betaling
  • Finnish: palkka
  • Hungarian: fizetés
  • Portuguese: pagamento
  • Slovene: plača



  1. share



  1. he; she



  1. portion


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accomplish, achieve, advantage, afford, angel, answer, attend to, avail, back, bankroll, base pay, be exposed to, be gainful, be had, be handy, be of use, be profitable, be subjected to, be worthwhile, benefit, bestead, bring about, bring in, bring off, bring to pass, budget, capitalize, castigation, chastening, chastisement, come down on, commit, compensate, compensation, condign punishment, correction, cost, cost out, cough up, deserts, disburse, disciplinary measures, discipline, dismissal wage, do, do for, do the trick, do to, earnings, effect, effectuate, emolument, encounter, endure, escalator clause, escalator plan, expend, experience, fee, feel, ferule, fill the bill, finance, financial remuneration, fix, fork out, fund, get satisfaction, give good returns, give it to, go and do, go through, gross, gross income, grubstake, guaranteed annual wage, guerdon, have, hire, income, incur costs, indemnify, inflict, infliction, invest, judgment, judicial punishment, know, labor under, lay out, living wage, make, make amends, make requital, make restitution, make retribution, meet, meet up with, meet with, minimum wage, nemesis, net, net income, open the purse, outlay, overpay, overspend, pains, pains and punishments, pass through, patronize, pay and allowances, pay back, pay by installments, pay dearly, pay exorbitantly, pay for, pay off, pay on, pay out, pay too much, payment, payroll, penal retribution, penalty, penology, perpetrate, plunk, portal-to-portal pay, prepay, produce, profit, provide for, pull off, punishment, punition, purchasing power, put out, quit, real wages, realize, recompense, redress, refinance, remit, remunerate, remuneration, render, repay, requite, retribution, retributive justice, return, reward, run through, run up against, salary, satisfy, schedule, scourge, serve, serve one out, serve the purpose, set up, settle, settle the score, severance pay, shell out, sink money in, sliding scale, spend, splurge, sponsor, squander, stake, stand under, stipend, subsidize, suffer, suffice, support, sustain, take and do, take care of, take-home, take-home pay, taste, taxable income, tender, throw money around, total compensation, undergo, up and do, wage, wage control, wage freeze, wage reduction, wage rollback, wage scale, wages, wages after deductions, wages after taxes, well-deserved punishment, what-for, wreak, yield, yield a profit
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